Tunu Africa provides two core services, website design and designer community development.  Both these products revolve around training and community empowerment.  Whether you are a business owner or an aspiring website designer our services will give you back control of your time.


The workshops are designed to help freelance designers enhance their efficiency and business owners to achieve better control over their front office records.  In our website design workshop, designers will learn how to use various rapid deployment tools, while business user will learn more about controlling front office paperwork.

All our websites are capable of eCommerce and marketing campaigns.  While building your site, we train you to manage your own sales and marketing activities.  Gone are the days of calling "the website guy" to tinker around with your website.  The technologies we use allow you to handle a majority of modifications by yourself.

This training is for web designers and Do It Yourselfers (DIY).  You will learn how to use templates, strips, media, vector art, light boxes, forms, grids, blogs, eCommerce and analytics.


After the workshop, you will have designed a full featured website, with integrated analytics.  

Days: Tuesday and Fridays

Time: 07:00 hours to 13:00 hours​


  • Laptop with WiFi and any mainstream browser.

  • Some experience with MS Office is extremely helpful especially Power Point.

  • Confirmed registration.


  • Workshops are limited to 10 participants.

  • All participants must be registered prior to the workshop.

Website Design

The Tunu Africa design product is an online service suitable for companies that need a website quickly.  The entry-level design includes domain registration, hosting and an eCommerce website.  Depending on complexity, we can deliver a website in 48 hours



  1. A detailed write up about your company - MS Word document or email.

  2. A detailed write up about each of your services - MS Word document or email.

  3. A detailed write up of your terms and conditions. MS Word document or email.

  4. Images, video or audio you would like to use - MP4/3, JPG etc.  There is a facility to purchase images, videos and professional email hosting if so required.


  • All documents must be submitted in electronic format. 

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